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Tyler McMahon

Ab is a top-notch editor and reader. His comments are always insightful, constructive, and resonant. Well-versed in all sorts of writing and publishing, Ab is just as fluent in sentence-level issues as he is in the big-picture, narratological decisions. My latest project is exponentially stronger, thanks to his notes. I will never again send a manuscript off—to any venue—without first showing it to Ab.

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Sayzie Koldys

Author/Freelance Writer – Recipe for a Hunger Strike; I'm Here, That's All; Losing Jason

Freelance Editor – Opercula

Managing Editor – Citizen Science: Theory and Practice

Ab has a gift. He’s able to see the world you’re trying to create, uncover possibilities that have been hidden from your view, and skillfully lead you toward your own best writing. He draws on his extensive genre-spanning knowledge of literature to provide you with context for his suggestions and a framework for the written conversation in which you’re participating. Reading editorial comments from Ab is inspiring rather than demoralizing; the doors you close together are not nearly as compelling as the ones he opens for you. It’s a rare pleasure to benefit from his editorial eye, and your work will be transformed for the better.

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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

John Lawton

Ab's feedback is terrific–not just with things like line edits, but also with overall structure, theme, and flow. Ab meets the work on its own terms and takes the author's work seriously. I feel like his keen insight over the years has made my work better and has forced me to challenge myself when facing the page.


I'm currently working on a novella and cannot wait to get it in front of him

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Elise Blackwell

Ab is that perfect blend of wise and smart that constitutes a great editor. A generous and insightful reader, he's wise about character and story and smart at the level of line and diction.

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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Chris Belisle


I've worked with Ab on multiple writing projects, and his keen eye for details big and small is nothing short of spectacular. His patience and genuine sincerity in helping me improve my craft are the reasons he is my go-to editor from here on out. I recently finished the first draft of my first novel, and there's no one I'd trust more with it.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
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