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Editor and Writing Coach

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I am a Portland, OR–based editor and published writer with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire and a Master of Fine Arts in Fiction from Boise State University, where I won the Glenn Balch Award in Fiction. I am a two-time attendee of the Tin House Summer Workshop and a member of the Northwest Editors Guild. I have 20 years' experience working with writers of all proficiencies, from students and neophytes to professors and published authors, and in myriad genres. My story Someplace South, Anywhere Warm was a Special Mention for the 2017 Pushcart Prize.

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Storytelling is fundamental to our humanity. We tell stories to entertain, forge bonds, and invent new worlds. We tell them to decipher the world around us, decode our relationship with it, and discern who we are in it. Our sense of self is literally a story that we tell ourselves. But that makes it no less true, affecting, or necessary.

And that makes us all storytellers. If you're here, you've chosen writing as one medium to express those stories, but make no mistake, the ability is already there. It's a talent we all have. We just need practice and repetition and, often, a guide to help us focus and hone that innate ability so that our stories become as powerful to others as they already are to us.


What is a writer if not someone who translates the narrative and emotion of their inner stories for the outside world?

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Reading. Brainstorming. Learning.

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Coaching. Editing. Evaluation.

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Copyediting. Proofing. Advising.

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 I will never again send a manuscript off—to any venue—without first showing it to Ab.

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